Marina Bay Harbor


Marina Bay Harbor Photos

The sunlight ripples on the hulls of boats docked outside the Marina Bay Harbor Service Center. A technician enjoys the warm breeze as they work on a Yamaha outboard right on the water. Tenants small-talk jovially and get ready to head out to the Gulf.

It’s all captured here in the Marina Bay Harbor multimedia gallery. Enjoy a collection of photos and videos that offer glimpses into life along our waterfront. From serene sunsets to bustling marina activities, we’ll showcase the essence of Clear Lake Shores and a community that is textured and alive.

Visit us and experience the beautiful vibrancy of Marina Bay Harbor.

Marina Bay Harbor Videos

What goes on inside a state-of-the-art dry storage facility, with a boat service center that supports the entire boating community from Kemah out to Sugarland? What does it look like to maneuver thousands of pounds with a heavy-duty forklift?

Below you’ll find Marina Bay Harbor’s day-to-day operations brought to life. Check out our videos here, or visit us on the Marina Bay Harbor YouTube channel.