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Q. What is a dry stack storage facility?

A. It is a water front rack-supported building designed to store powerboats on multiple rack levels.

Q. How does Marina Bay Harbor Marina work?

A. We store your boat inside our fully enclosed building on a rack until you want to use it. When you are, our new marine forklift specially designed to handle boats lifts your powerboat off its rack and places it the water. We then secure your boat to our floating docks waiting your arrival.

Q. What is the largest boat you can store?

A. We can handle boats up to 47 ft length overall. That said, it depends on the boats overall weight and the weight distribution. You should call with your boat specifications for any boat over 30 ft. We have a certified marina forklift formula that we use to use to determine if your boat is safe to lift.

Q. Tell me more about Marina Bay Harbor Marina storage facility.

A. We opened May 1, 2003. Our architecturally designed storage facility is 4 levels high and will accommodate 220 powerboats. The building is 430 feet long and 145 feet wide. Bigger than a football field! The center concrete aisle is 75′ wide. This wide aisle and our deep bay depths allow us to handle larger boats than most other dry stack storage facilities. In addition, the facility has a fire sprinkler system.

Q. Tell me more about your marine forklift.

A. We have two large marina specific forklifts. This will guarantee that the marina will NEVER be down because of forklift maintenance. At this time, we are the only marina on the lake with two forklifts and we have the largest forklift on the lake. We have a 30,000 Wiggins Marina Bull with an additional 5,000 lb. counterweight. This was specially designed and manufactured for Marina Bay Harbor Marina. The forks have a double layer of padding that hugs the hull. Also, we have a 35,000-pound Hoist Neptune M350. Our two forklifts are operated by well trained and experienced personnel

Q. Are there any requirements my boat must meet to be stored in Marina Bay Harbor Marina?

A. Yes. As additional fire protection, all boats must have a battery-disconnect switch, and it must be in the off position when the boat is inside the storage building. It also helps to prevent any long-term battery drain from “electronic leaks”. Finally for your protection, all boats must be insured by a full marine insurance package including property damage, hull damage, indemnity and minimum liability coverage in the amount of $300,000 with Marina Bay Harbor listed as “Additional Insured”

Q. What will I need to move in?

A. Please call ahead to set an appointment, as we are unable to accept boats without having the proper documentation. You’ll need to provide: boat registration, driver license, contact information, proof of insurance including a minimum of $300,000 liability, and a credit card – MC/ VISA / Discover/AMEX.

Q. Is there an additional charge for launching my boat?

A. No. There is no charge for one launch and retrieval per day. When we retrieve your boat, we will flush the outboard engine and give the hull a freshwater rinse at no additional charge.

Q. How do I flush my motor with fresh water?

A. If you choose to personally flush your boat engine, we will place your boat on a work rack where you can flush your motor. Please remember that we are happy to flush your outboard engines at no additional charge

Q. Should I bottom paint my hull?

A. No. Since your boat is stored out of the water, there’s no need to bottom paint your boat.

Q. What about fuel?

A. We have ethanol and non-ethanol fuel available at the end of our private canal.

Q. Can you store my trailer?

A. Yes, we can. If you are buying a new boat keep in mind that we can save you thousands of dollars because you don’t need a trailer at Marina Bay Harbor Marina and you don’t need a big gas guzzling truck to pull the trailer either.

Q. My boat is 15 feet tall. Can you handle it?

A. Sure. However, there is an additional charge for all boats over 6 feet in height and 8 feet in width.

Q. What are the benefits for storing my boat at Marina Bay Harbor Marina

A. Fully enclosed storage. Your boat is stored in our fully enclosed building away from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to sun and water. Some dry stack operations are not fully enclosed leaving the stern exposed to sun bleaching and deterioration. Storing your boat at Marina Bay Harbor Marina’s fully enclosed facility helps to protect your investment.

Convenience. No more hauling, launching and retrieving. With valet launching your boat is in the water ready to go when you are.

Location, location, location. Our naturally protected calm harbor is located on the south side of Channel between Clear Lake and Galveston Bay. You can be in the Bay in minutes.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our address is 323 West 6th, Clear Lake Shores, Texas 77565 (south of Houston, Texas on the channel between Clear Lake and Galveston Bay).

We are on the south side of Clear Lake 1/4 mile west of the Kemah Boardwalk near the intersection of Texas State HWY 146 and HWY 2094 behind Stewart Elementary School across 2094 from the Home Depot and Super Target. We are next to Star Fleet. Our telephone number is 281-535-2222.

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